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Change wallpaper profitable enterprise transformation of the way

Author: Published:2015-05-05 Views:1025

See wallpaper companies in the past year, the overall report card, not difficult to find something is about to change. The most obvious is the decline in corporate profits, although there are some companies to maintain rapid growth, but most companies are slowing growth. Experience of the past few years it seems, wallpaper business transformation is imminent.

Wallpaper industry problems

Development of wallpaper companies is not easy, compared to the past, and now the wallpaper industry has accounted for more market share, with higher awareness, but this is not a healthy development. This is mainly related to the development process and wallpaper, a period of time extensive development to make the wallpaper industry left a lot of historical issues, and now these old wallpaper suffering is hindering the development of enterprises.

In this important period of economic and social transformation, wallpaper companies can not ball dropped at the crucial moment. Keeping up with the pace of social transformation, adjust their profit model, this is the correct path of development. On the one hand, the strategic space wallpaper huge corporate marketing; on the other hand, industry growth compression. This is a wallpaper companies grasp the relationship between business development and trade aspects of the cycle is not yet ripe, but also reflect the lack of experience of the tangle. This requires Wallpaper enterprises according to changes of the times, constantly adjusting profit model.

Wallpaper industry need to adjust profitable

The ability to observe the development of a profitable enterprise, not just to assess the scale of its production factors. More important factor of production is more than the economic value of new ideas, new ideas. A wallpaper business if there is no self-contained new ideas, new ideas, then it can not become a super business. Without these things, there is not enough capacity to integrate resources, to seek not enough space for development.

When looking at wallpaper profitable development capacity of enterprises, the most important is the wallpaper business investment in intangible history and scale. This refers to intangible assets include: development of new products and processes in the intellectual property, brand, data, organize their own mode of operation, human resource development capabilities, namely the training and appointment mode.

Road wallpaper industry transformation difficulties, evident in some companies have not consciousness transformation. Invested enterprises no longer visible return, but the intangible investment and construction. Started the brand and cultural development and personnel development and products as well as by the important weapon that the corporate brand.

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