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Material non-woven wallpaper Yin Zhengyi price Tibetan tricky

Author: Published:2015-05-05 Views:1317

Wallpaper industry can be described as a sunrise industry in the domestic industry, the demand is huge and rich production materials, easy to meet the various needs of consumers. Wherein the non-woven wallpaper with superior environmental performance and concern, but the market prices of consumer non-woven wallpaper material has been questioned.

Non-woven materials and processes does not mean that environmental protection into key

Breathable environmental, malleable, shrinkage smaller non-woven wallpaper was once thought to be the future trend wallpaper. It refers to a non-woven material filaments made by nonwoven molding technology. But not all non-woven fabrics are made of natural fibers, some with fiber filaments of polypropylene, the manufacturing process still have to rely on chemical additives. The best non-woven fabric is collected from natural plant fibers, so the purchase to the shop to ask or product introduction note this is a non-woven natural fibers or artificial and synthetic nonwoven fabric? In addition to the material , processing techniques is also key, natural fiber products manufactured using the physical arrangement of environmental protection higher.

Resolving non-woven wallpaper is environmentally friendly, you can burn approach. Bright flame, a small amount of black smoke as the natural fiber nonwoven materials; and man-made fibers in the combustion products, a continued gray smoke and a pungent odor.

You can view product identification and bar code to determine the authenticity of the product

Wallpaper made in China or imported goods, consumers difficult to distinguish. Foreign trademarks are many wallpaper, not Chinese; and businesses are admitted in materials and workmanship are imported products in the domestic processing. In a non-woven wallpaper wallpaper store selling price 600 yuan / roll, while next door the same wallpaper declared all imports will have to price to 200 yuan / volume.

Consumers in case you could not tell the source of wallpaper may require businesses to provide import certificate and other documents. In addition, you can also see from the product barcode country, such as representatives of German production 40-44, 00-09 are made in the USA, 30-37 indicates that the French identity, while at the beginning of the bar code 69 is manufactured in China.

Quality non-woven wallpaper does have an advantage in terms of environmental performance, but when consumers buy a real good product to buy is not easy. In addition to resolving the material, but also view the process to determine the relevant certificates and bars. This is also the lack of non-woven wallpaper market supervision.

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