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Only wallpaper industry innovation and quality in order to build brand

Author: Published:2015-05-05 Views:976

Although the wallpaper market has great potential, currently a rare quality brands still can not meet consumer demand, but also can not set off a wave of bigger brands. In fact, the number of brands a lot of wallpaper, really can not remember much of consumers. The key lies in the innovation and quality of the brand is insufficient.

Low quality cottage

A good product to promote development of the industry, but wallpaper in early development, because the threshold is low, huge market potential, many companies have invested in the wallpaper industry, competition for market share. Intense competition to promote the development of the wallpaper industry, but also exposed a lot of problems. Many brands are "workshop" production, which means that production strength is weak, its branding, concept design, natural and consequent lack of after-sales service, brand awareness, advanced management ideas get going, this "workshop "Enterprise is difficult to grow and develop.

Innovation decision brand competitiveness

China's domestic industry with the "big market, small industry" feature, which determines the wallpaper business channel-driven brand of market evolution model. E-commerce in full swing today, a lot of "80", "90" avant-garde consumers will choose to purchase products online. How to successfully attract consumers become power on enterprise innovation.

Brand anchor, is whether there is innovation, whether it has unique products and services. Wallpaper brand, too, the development of innovation on the wallpaper and more important, innovation determines the competitiveness of the brand.

At this stage, said innovation on the product is not only innovative, but also including services, innovative concept of competition. Now "cottage" flooding, no matter how good the product came out, soon be imitated by others. Therefore, companies should look at the wide range of road differences, personality development, and enhance competitive advantage.

Brand building instead of relying on advertising to win, relying on its access to the market. Solid basis in order to have the strength to fight the construction of the brand, to make the brand bigger and stronger, companies must first Atsuzane quality base, while continuing to innovate around the needs of consumers to provide quality services. In itself excellent and consumer acceptance of both success can truly build a good brand image.

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