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Consumers something to say wallpaper companies feel the same frustration

Author: Published:2015-05-05 Views:940

  Consumers wallpaper products, it has always been a love-hate relationship. Love is the charm of the product design wallpaper, wallpaper love is decorated superior product performance. I hate the high prices, as well as effect of the product so that consumers are always difficult to start with. Consumers have a lot of knot wallpaper, wallpaper companies also helpless.

  Contradictions between consumers and businesses, is the direction of the wallpaper industry healthy development. Here By understanding the consumer's mind, as well as analysis of the root causes of business can not meet consumer demand, the development of the industry to find shackles, seeking good solutions.

  1, the higher the price wallpaper

  Production surplus, gross profit as a company acquired is not high, but most of the profits were inflated due to the end retail price: the price of domestic products are generally 3-5 times the purchase price, import wallpaper product prices are generally 5-10 times. Cause artificially high margin retail price so "amazing", consumers can not help prohibitive.

  In fact, the root cause of high prices or retail consumers want not use wallpaper. According to the survey, many people's first reaction on wallpaper price is compared with paint, paint some more expensive than acceptable, but you are too far, or to calculate the consumer psychology, after all the wallpaper is replaced with a paint can, not a decoration "necessity" wallpaper might be fitting "streamline" out.

  2, there is no standard price

  The industry is not standardized, resulting in the wallpaper industry product prices are not strictly regulated and supervised. The price of the end product is different, consumers are worried about being cheated slaughtered. Some "smart" shop owner also due to buyer's dress different and have "targeted price." Consumers choose to say "no" is the best answer to such questions.

  3, wallpaper construction problems

  "Four wallpaper, six points Paste" wallpaper construction is a very important part, different levels of construction posted a direct impact on product performance results and even result in product quality judgments, so some consumers will choose products because performance results are "not ideal" and make some negative comments on the wallpaper.

  4, wallpaper maintenance and life issues

  Service consumers place more value, but this is a lot of businesses are unable to meet. Wallpaper is not too standardized products, many consumers in the purchase of products, many worry about the length of life, and general terminal are given some vague promises, and even the wallpaper out of the middle of some problems have no way to repair.

  Wallpaper contradiction between businesses and consumers are not irreconcilable, but wallpaper companies do efforts are not enough, the lack of communication and consumers, there is no problem to find the key itself.

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