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Wallpaper branding is not necessary to have to beating

Author: Published:2015-05-05 Views:1077

  Change the wallpaper and outside the industry to make the situation more intense business competition wallpaper, wallpaper industry is facing a lot of shuffling stage, a few of wallpaper companies have been eliminated. So, to become a member of them left, and emerge in them, we need the power of brands. Consumers trust the brand, and brand awareness has increased, so companies need to keep up the wallpaper tide brand of plastic. Wallpaper brand companies do, the most important thing is to get people themselves, the visibility started, so branding is extremely necessary means.

  Celebrity endorsements need to be cautious

  Advertising, pop star wallpaper business is a hot topic in recent years, is the most popular advertising. "Enterprises need to rapidly expand on heavily in the CCTV advertising, or in prime time on local radio advertising, but also can not forget the celebrity endorsements." Etc. discourse, is currently a lot of wallpaper companies strategy to promote their brands. But huge amounts of money invested in it too hard advertising, many companies collapsed because of funding strand breaks, and some companies because they can not put advertising spent wisely, or not taken the right measures, which led to a big loss of business a sum of money, even beating, precarious.

  It is understood by many wallpaper companies want big bucks, then fame, but they did not identify the object or advertising costs, or expenses loophole appear, leaving a lot of money slipped away unconsciously. Advertising gradually became too hard many usual means of wallpaper companies, but they are nothing but a lot of advertising is difficult to produce benefits even without "benefit." Before the market ahead of improper advertising, product into the market after excessive advertising, and invalid ad delivery, etc., resulting in a huge waste of corporate advertising spending.

  At the same time, the wallpaper industry has become a business celebrity common phenomenon. Wallpaper companies are keen on "celebrity endorsement" to promote the brand as a trick, if the star is certainly consistent with the brand can provide a high visibility, but some companies are there psychological comparisons, see others pop star, and he is with imitation, people spent much endorsement fees, I also taller than him, the star's worth lift up high. After part of the wallpaper business in celebrity endorsements Shihai did not consider whether the star's temperament and business match, please "wrong" the spokesman, not only wasting a lot of advertising, but also enhance the brand did not have much benefit, and some may even damage the brand image.

  Soft paper to be just right

  Do activities, weak paper is the second corporate advertising wallpaper realm, this realm has been a lot of progress compared to the first state, but also has its drawbacks. Wallpaper companies rely heavily advertise, please star it is certainly not enough. Partly because the majority of small and medium-scale enterprise wallpaper, many companies simply can not afford the huge advertising costs, they tend to be worn down advertising costs; on the other hand, advertising can only do its hard to put brand message to instill in people's minds , to people from the bottom of my heart to accept the brand, but also the brand spiritual communication with people, and this is necessary through more detailed operation to achieve, do activities, weak text is relatively simple, but to win over the hearts of good Methods.

  Wallpaper corporate branding can do with such a popular saying: News is mother, father advertising is news in brand communication plays a pivotal role. Shaping the brand's core key is to do public relations, rather than simply to advertise. At the same time, no matter how public relations, create and publish news always an essential part. Therefore, creating the right information on naturally became the most important task of branding. Corporate brand helpful while socially useful news can be called appropriate news, and the news of the creation should be in line with four potential: social development, "potential", the development of the industry, "potential", enterprise development "potential" and public interest "potential." Not from start to finish writing business activities, so it can get a lot of boring the reader.

  However, if the wallpaper business activities do content-rich enough to not be a big help to enhance the brand. Of course, if in the absence of large sums of money to do basic situation, spend huge sums of money to do large-scale events there is a big risk. In addition to the widely felt weak when the wallpaper business paper, if only malicious speculation, there is always one day expose consumers.

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