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Store small businesses entering into the brand-name wallpaper sales unspoken rules

Author: Published:2015-05-05 Views:1028

I believe that many consumers shop has a more unified understanding that stores generally sell a particular brand of product. However, some small businesses in order to profit even hide this important information to mislead consumers. Even this approach has become the industry unspoken rules.

Goods not board: Prosecution stores

The Court found that, in March last year, Zhang Dong Fuling decoration in their community organizations to buy At the meeting, selected Fuling District Yulong Decoration Materials Sales Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Dragon Company"), two wallpaper, and immediately delivered a deposit. Zhang Dong said Yulong company participating in group activities and verbal propaganda materials, both said sales of Yulong brand wallpaper.

In June, the company's sales staff Zhangdong signed the "Dragon wallpaper sales book form," stated one of a wallpaper model / sample name "Venus CA-73237" ...... Since then, the company will Yulong Zhang Dong buy wallpaper, glue and basement membrane delivery, Zhang Dong signing receipt.

However, when the installation is complete, return the remaining wallpaper, Zhang Dong but found it later "Venus CA-73237" wallpaper is not "Yulong" brand wallpaper, but the name "Alicia" brand.

Zhang Dong believes Yulong online self-proclaimed "Dragon wallpaper store," so he mistakenly thought that Yulong brand products purchased, he refused to pay the balance wallpaper. Because the two sides repeatedly negotiation fails, then sued Zhang Dong Fuling District People's Court, requesting judgment Yulong false sales behavior because its apology and compensation.

Helpless: store selling "brand-name" is not illegal

Court of First Instance found that "Dragon wallpaper sales reservation form" and signed delivery notes Zhang Dong Yulong is both true intention of the parties, their trading relationship established by law and entered into force. In the performance of the contract, the merchant is no fraud, then dismissed the claims of Zhang Dong. Zhang Dong appeal.

City Court upheld the view that the existing law does not prohibit the sale of other branded goods stores, Zhang Dong Yulong decorative materials company self-proclaimed "Dragon wallpaper store" in the network on the grounds that the company had sales of decorative materials Yulong Yulong Wallpaper It can not be established.

Renowned brands: stores are "specificity"

Inside sales wallpaper, tiles, wood flooring, building materials, sanitary ware and other small brands stores, most of them have a shop to sell more than one brand of the phenomenon, while sales sliding doors, cabinet business, the majority of factory outlets, fewer such cases. For other brand-name products stores tying practices, many small business reason for doing this, is that such goods more complete, giving consumers more choice, can increase the volume.

However, some well-known brands, the stores sell products is very "specificity." These well-known brands settled Redstar, poly believed the United States and other large stores, not tying other commodities, "although tying other products will increase operating profit, but also reduces the brand, not conducive to the development of the brand, but also will reduce consumer confidence. "This is part of the store brand philosophy.

Although the stores selling other brands of products is not illegal, but in the minds of consumers trust the brand for undoubtedly greatly reduced. Advertised stores, mislead the consumer behavior is actually very damage brand image. Note that when consumers buy products, companies have good brand of standardized management, the protection of the brand image.

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